Am I right?

You know you want more.

Focus. Confidence. Super Fit Life. Inspiration. Creativity. High Vibes. Happiness.

Massive Wealth and Badass Health.

A Truly Energized and Aligned Life!!

I hear you, girl.

Hey Gorgeous! My name is Jen Baucom, and I am honored you have landed here. I am a Spiritual Wellness Coach helping badass women like yourself end extreme fatigue and heal thyroid + hormone imbalances to UP level your whole life.

Unlike many focused on diets alone, I take a holistic approach and get to the root causes first for the ultimate transformation and success. Mind, Body, and Soul.

I show you only the things you need to focus on in order to skyrocket energy, improve clarity + mood, and release weight effortlessly so you feel super energized every single day.

It is time to heal from within, feel supercharged, and start living your passion and purpose in life!

You have been waiting a long time for this.

I have been on quite the journey mentally, emotionally, financially, physically, and spiritually. I have so much to share, and I made it my mission to get you effective and immediate results to reach your life goals so you can LIVE YOUR BEST LIFE!

The story begins with my health and fitness journey living with major thyroid and hormone deficiencies,  I was diagnosed years ago with Hypothyroidism, and then a few years later with PCOS. It has been an uphill battle and a very difficult road.

You can read more of my story HERE.

Experiencing just about every symptom that exists,  I seriously needed answers. I did a ton of research, went through a few different personal programs and processes, and became committed & obsessed with skyrocketing my Energy and feeling better. I got my shit together, got healthy, and lost 40+ pounds in this process. I was ALL IN.

I found what worked for me, tweaked it to fit my lifestyle, needs, body, and nutrition, and actually became a health and fitness coach first from my journey. I am in the healing process now and found the golden ticket to A HAPPY AND HEALTHY LIFE.

Are you going through what I experienced? I can get you where you need to be. This is just the health side, and just the beginning. This helped me gain my confidence back, and gain success in every part of my life. YOU CAN TOO!

I am your ONE STOP SHOP to getting back THE BEST VERSION OF HER. YOU.

It is my personal obsession and mission to help YOU get there using three things.

Mindset. Movement. Spiritual Practice.

We will deep dive into the root causes of what is going on first, and then use the BE, DO and HAVE method for the spiritual alignment and mindset practice. The Law of Attraction plays a huge part in my coaching methods, and it will change your life!

We will also reset your health, nutrition, and fitness, create a life map, and stay accountable to your badass goals with a blog to document your transformational journey.

We are not alike. None of us. That would be super boring, anyway, right? We all have different emotions, spiritual levels, metabolisms, allergens, bodies, disorders, and deficiencies. The way we think and process with our Brains. The way we consume and digest food, and how we all have different fitness levels based on what is going on in our lives, and how we live.

I am here to personally design a tailored plan for your transformation. Book an Accelerated Energy Call with me first so I can see what your needs are.

This is your starting point for change. Heal your Hormones and Live an Epic Life. Mind, Body, and Soul




Let's go through this journey together. I have a solution.


Mind. Body. Soul.