Mood Imbalances and Your Thyroid

Season #1

Today I am discussing mood swings and hormone imbalances & how they can affect your thyroid. What are we really lacking to get us stuck in this place? Is it a lack of nutrients? movement? nutrition? sleep? Dive in and give this a listen! Here are the links I discussed in the episode today. Join the TNT Masterclass on February 8th! Thyroid-Nourish-Throat Chakra - Heal, ignite, & activate both to feel amazing from the inside out - Mind, body, and soul. Join The Thyroid Collective for support, tips, and everything you need on your healing journey. Watch my weekly Friday LIVE TODAY! (1/28/22) The Supercharged Energy Project - The Foundational Program to Start with on your Thyroid Healing journey. Grab your Thyroid Toolkit Here! The Spiritual Root Resources and Links Instagram Main Instagram Facebook Group - The Spiritual Root Podcast Collective Facebook Group The Thyroid Collective