3 things to Heal your Health, Reconnect to your Roots and Manifest in a High Frequency for 2023

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As you move into the beautiful new year of 2*0*2*3 this is a great time to reflect on the past year, take a look at your accomplishments and goals for 2022, and reconnect to your mind, body, soul and spirit. Remember how powerful you are.

It is YOUR TIME now. To Speak your truth, speak UP, and fully trust your Intuition. Go for it!

In this episode, I am talking about 3 important things to Heal your Health (I previously did a video on this and it is on my IG pinned to the top) and Reconnect to yourself.

I also have 11 things below to do and manifest going into 2023 that wasn't discussed in the podcast episode, but I added the list below.
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ENJOY.  xo

3 Ways to Heal your Health, Reconnect to your Roots & Manifest a High Frequency for 2023

1. Fuel your Mind Body Soul & Spirit
Limit mental clutter, express your creativity, meditate, move your body, eat for energy, and have a daily spiritual practice you love. You must do all of these simultaneously to have optimal results with your overall wellness.
2. Mindset Shifts
Create new habits in your life by doing the inner work and actually getting it done so you can have and keep a growth mindset daily.
3. Personal Development
Do the work. Get a coach or mentor. Have positive people around you at all times AND have incredible people in your ear every day with podcasts, books, retreats, and mentoring.

Here are 11 Things to Do and Manifest going into 2023⚡️
1. Set and Hit Big Goals
2. Dream Bigger
3. Trust Your Intuition
4. Love Yourself Hard
5. Hire the Mentor
6. Surrender to the Universe
7. Set the Weekly Zoom Call with your Higher Self
8. Help and Hold space for others
9. Exhale the Bullsh*t
10. Inhale the Abundance
11. Raise your Frequency

Let's get it! Connect often with your besties- Your Higher Self, GOD, The Universe, Source, Your Angels, Spirit Guides or whatever you believe in.  They will all have your back.  (p.s. so will I always...)

Wishing you the best 2023 ever filled with love, laughter, bada$$ health and ma$$ive wealth!!  

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